is at 2pm every Saturday! Stop by if you are interested in volunteering.

  • E-Cycle

    Computers that are deemed obsolete or broken are separated into their basic components by volunteers.
  • Equip

    While Free Geek recycles over 20 tons of electronics each year, our primary focus is getting the donated technology reused.
  • Education

    Education or other learning opportunities abound at Free Geek, but most are less formal than classes.


Computers now only $10

Desktop computers for only $10

Desktops for $10
Desktops for $10 – click on photo to enlarge

We are up to our neck in refurbished computers.

Last Sunday some hard working volunteers sorted them by price into stacks.

Our mission is REUSE.

The far wall was $20 – $30 but to help move them along we will sell them for half price ($10 – $15). Another $10 will get you a 15″ monitor.

They have Xubuntu for an OS so they perform quite well in surfing the internet, spreadsheets, drawing, or writing.


Monday-Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 12-5 Donations, Store, Volunteers
Thursday-Friday 12-5 Donations and Store Only
Saturday-Sunday 12-5 Donations, Store, Volunteers


2537 25th Ave S

Minneapolis, MN 55406

Entrance facing the alley

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