Education or other learning opportunities abound at Free Geek, but most are less formal than classes.

While Volunteering you can learn many skills, from Computer Hardware Diagnostics, Linux Installation, and personal skills such as communications, group dynamics etc. And there are other areas exist that can provide experience in things like Mentoring, Marketing, Course Development, and anything else a growing Non-Profit can use.

The other side of our Education is something that we need to improve, but with the new location and some interest from several volunteers, that is the more formal instructor (or mentor) presented content. We hope to find people willing to help spread the word on how to use the systems we build, and work with Open Source Software to show others how to create a Resume, or set up a printer under Linux. We need the basics to start with, and will grow from there.

If you have an interest in helping others learn, we have an opportunity for you.

Stop in and talk with a staff member about what you would like to do, and how we can work together to help others.

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