Again with the Updates

We are making progress on the new space!  While things are not yet fully set up, we have each area basically in place to do what it does.  This means that the build room is capable of builds, but it still needs work.

We also have expanded our Thrift Store Hours to be Wednesday through Saturday Noon to 5pm and Sundays 2pm to 7pm.  The addition of Thursday and Friday for the Thrift Store is just for the store and Donations, but the Recycle, Intake and Build rooms are closed. (until we can find volunteers to commit to supervision of those areas on a consistent basis.)

We also have Internet Access up, and are working on getting a new Volunteer Time logging tool put on place.

One Response to “Again with the Updates”

  1. how do I get a desktop computer from your store sine you have one is there any way that I can get any information on this. I am in desperate needof a computer but still will volnteeer