An Alienware Area 51 donation

Alienware Area 51 desktop

Every once in a while we get some pretty exciting donations. This Area 51 Alienware desktop came in last Saturday. I had someone give it a thorough cleaning and an Ubuntu 10.04.3 OS install. It is being offered for sale tomorrow for $180. If you want to see it you better come in this week. It only has a P4 3.00 GHz CPU (1MB L2 cache & H.T.), 2 1GB sticks of 533 DDR1 RAM and a 200+GB SATA hard drive. I pretty sure someone will just use the case and replace the motherboard.

One Response to “An Alienware Area 51 donation”

  1. I speed in a couple weeks ago and spoke with Art re. Alienware laptops and a PC he’dtower. he said he’d email me if something came available or the Alienware laptop was working. He may have lost my contact info? I ask very interested in getting something syou oon. Could you please have him get in touch ASAP? Thable you for all your amazing work! :o)