Computers now only $10

Desktop computers for only $10

Desktops for $10
Desktops for $10 – click on photo to enlarge

We are up to our neck in refurbished computers.

Last Sunday some hard working volunteers sorted them by price into stacks.

Our mission is REUSE.

The far wall was $20 – $30 but to help move them along we will sell them for half price ($10 – $15). Another $10 will get you a 15″ monitor.

They have Xubuntu for an OS so they perform quite well in surfing the internet, spreadsheets, drawing, or writing.

Too Many Printers

Too Many Printers – $13 choice

test sheet shows what you get
test sheet shows what you get

Free Geek Twin Cities tries to find new users for donated electronics.

Printers are hard, but we print a test sheet to see if they work and still have ink.

These printers work well in Windows 7 and Linux.

What you see is what you get.

If not satisfied we can give you a different one.

Free Geek Store Page

Looking for computer tech at low prices?

We desperately need to find new homes for lots of donated computer technology.

We now have a web page to help you find what you are looking for.

The link to our STORE page is


Free Geek Store

free geek computers for sale
Too many computers

We want a new home for these computers. Our mission is reuse.

We have hundreds of computers. Please come and take one home. Tell your friends.

This link is to a spreadsheet of hundreds of computers including specs and prices.

Sign maker

Sign Guy

Peter Gamache "sign guy"
Peter Gamache “sign guy”

When Peter Gamache offered to make us a better sign, we said “yes please”.

We explained that Mpls. sign ordinances had lots of requirements, but we thought we would be ok if the sign is temporarily affixed by magnets.

Peter hangs out at the Hack Factory and used their vinyl cutter to create this sign.

Building free websites

Free WordPrees website
Rup created this free wordpress web site in less than an hour.

Some kids from the neighborhood often stop by and ask if I will serve as their supervising adult so they can volunteer. If I am not too busy I will put them to work.
Rup told me he wanted to learn how to create a website – for free. Within an hour he had created this Nepalicomedy site with embedded videos from YouTube, a custom header background image, custom navigation menu, 4 static pages, and a blog landing page.

An Alienware Area 51 donation

Alienware Area 51 desktop

Every once in a while we get some pretty exciting donations. This Area 51 Alienware desktop came in last Saturday. I had someone give it a thorough cleaning and an Ubuntu 10.04.3 OS install. It is being offered for sale tomorrow for $180. If you want to see it you better come in this week. It only has a P4 3.00 GHz CPU (1MB L2 cache & H.T.), 2 1GB sticks of 533 DDR1 RAM and a 200+GB SATA hard drive. I pretty sure someone will just use the case and replace the motherboard.