Building free websites

Free WordPrees website
Rup created this free wordpress web site in less than an hour.

Some kids from the neighborhood often stop by and ask if I will serve as their supervising adult so they can volunteer. If I am not too busy I will put them to work.
Rup told me he wanted to learn how to create a website – for free. Within an hour he had created this Nepalicomedy site with embedded videos from YouTube, a custom header background image, custom navigation menu, 4 static pages, and a blog landing page.

3 Responses to “Building free websites”

  1. ARTiFactor

    My brother’s grand-daughter used blogger (a free web site creator by Google) to publish her website when she was in kindergarten. Her younger sister just published a book which is now selling on Amazon. My nephew is marketing himself on facebook as web design consultant and has done several $5 jobs and even one $100 job.

    We do not yet have organized educational programs but for sure would like to do so. Until then, find a mentor among our volunteers that is willing to point you toward some on line resources.

  2. Gregory Lee

    Can you please teach me to build a web site for free as well.

    Thank you,

  3. Greg, as you can see from Art’s post, all he really did is showed them where to look stuff up, and the rest was their own desire to learn. The post mentions where they looked for videos and other guidance, so if you stop down on Wed, Sat or Sun we can find you a computer to look stuff up on while you are there.

    We as a practice want people to learn, and use open source tools, so we try to help where we can, but specifics like Web sites and educational tools are subjects that are massive and end up being a matter of preference. We will give what guidance we can, but in most cases you will end up having to put forth the effort to find what works for you.

    Open Source software has such a vast number of options that almost anything you want to do, you can find something that will get you most of the way there, and it is up to you to finish it. But the Open in open source makes it so you can see how things have gotten to where you pick them up, unlike closed commercial software where you are limited to the options they provide for you, or you violate a End User Agreement.