Our garage sale was a great success! We sold dozens of computers and more than ten flat screen monitors, plus a whole bunch of computer components and accessories. We even managed to sell a few printers.

The weather was cold, icy, and quite uncooperative. Nevertheless, hundreds of people turned out. Many were just looking for computer bargains–someone even bought all the telephones we had for sale. But there were plenty of others who were also interested in learning about Free Geek and what we do for the neighborhood and the world. Indeed, meeting and talking with people from the community was the real hallmark of the garage sale’s success.

Gary talks to a couple about a computer, while Al makes sure everything has a price tag, as other potential customers check out our inventory.

A lot of people put in a lot of work in preparation for the garage sale. Computers were built, monitors were tested (and in some cases rejected), components and accessories were sorted, everything had to be priced, posters were made, the word was spread, tables were setup, and everything was put out for sale. We want to thank all of our volunteers for their contributions to making the garage sale happen. A special thanks goes out to Jeff for prepping all the Macintosh equipment, which was quite popular. And an extra special thanks goes to Gary who really took the lead on making sure everything was ready, and for really working with all the people who were interested in our computers. Without the herculean efforts of these two, the garage sale never would have happened.

With the sale done for the year, we’ll be turning our attention to making better use of our space in the garage and to our education programs. We can always use more hands, so come be a volunteer,donate a computer, learn about computers, and be a part of the community.