Give to the Max Day 2014

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  • Educate
    400 new volunteers spent time at Free Geek for a total of 11,000+ hours of learning just this year!
  • Equip
    100s of computers have been earned through volunteering and through in store sales.
  • E-Cycle
    Volunteers produced 15000 lbs of sorted steel, 2000 lbs of PCB, 2000 lbs of insulated wire, and lots more this year.

This next year will be really exciting for Free Geek. We want to expand accessible hours for volunteers, engage in new learning setups and reach out to more organizations to coordinate making tech accessible and affordable. Primarily, we hope to do this by applying for an Americorp worker to supplement our staff. These workers aren’t free, and we are going to put up the $6000 contribution towards that position. Also, we are shopping for a trailer to enable Free Geek to build greater access into the community for donation points.