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  1. marybeth

    Your web site doesn’t have your physical address anywhere. I’d love to come to the Saturday volunteer orientation session, but I don’t know where to start…like what direction to start biking to find you!

  2. ARTiFactor

    On our landing page in the box labeled “Where” is our address.
    Our official address takes you to the wrong door.
    We use the alley door which you can see from Memory Lanes Bowling Alley at 26th Ave S and E 26th St.
    There are two links in the “Where” box that give you maps and aerial photos with arrows pointing to our door.
    I just made a big sign today, too, so as to help you see our door.

  3. Hey there wondering about how to apply for a hardware grant for my organization. Can I go through the Portland location website? Is there an email I can send my proposal to?


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