Staff Volunteers

We have many fantastic volunteers at Free Geek, but a few make a long term commitment to help drive and build the organization into the future.   These individuals make long term commitments to the organization with their time and leadership, and are the core of Free Geek Twin Cities.

Free Geek Twin Cities is a 100% volunteer run organization, that means that nobody is paid, and funds gained by the organization can go towards our goals.  We do hope to have some paid staff at a future date, but only when the economics of our organization can justify them.


We also have a group of volunteers we call Super Volunteers, they are individuals who in it for the long term.  They can be Mentors, Technical experts, or just willing to learn, share and do what it takes to run this organization.

One Response to “Staff Volunteers”

  1. paul harvey

    I visited the store today and was very impressed. Met a volunteer named Art. He was very informative and eager to help. So I suggest that if you are looking to buy a great desk top computer be sure to make Free Geek Twin Cities . org your first stop. They are affordable. I was so impressed that I am looking forward to volunteering at the store. With Art being as smart as he is, I can learn a lot from him. Plus they are giving back to the community.