Starting to take form

The new digs are shaping up thanks to many hands and the carry over from the old location.    The basic layout has been chosen and we are working towards getting everything back up and running, while still trying to accept new volunteers and process donations.

Also the store is starting to take shape, all while we try to unpack the store in to temporary areas.


We also have heard from several student volunteers who hope to spend time down at Free Geek this summer to help grow and expand our organization.

So stop on down during a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday and check out the new digs, help clean up the remains from the move, or set up an area or just take apart some of the recycle stock.

3 Responses to “Starting to take form”


    I would like to volunteer in Minneapolis/St.PAUL.To learning and receiving my own Laptop computer.

  2. I would love to volunteer and get some more training on computers. DO you also get to receive your own computer in exchange for this. Even if it is a desktop. I am a single mother of two who recently lost their father and I am currently in college to make a better life for my family. I am in desperate need of a computer a desktop would be fine. I hope this is where I was suppose to go and do this at. this place but I will still will be more than happy to volunteer and learn new skills. Sounds like a great free program for the community. If at all possible please contact me at 612-886-1598