Open every day except Monday and Tuesday from noon until 5pm.

If you need a Computer, come see us at the The Free Geek Thrift Store.

To contact the store, call (612) 223-5967 during our business hours Wednesday thru Sunday from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Or come visit us.

We are located 2537 25th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, but use the back door (across the alley from Memory Lanes Bowling Alley at 26th Ave S and E 26th St.).

Our Products

We offer desktop computer systems, laptops (these are limited) and Apple computers (these are also limited) and many computer parts. We have a Wide range of desktop systems, priced from $25 and up. We accept Visa and MasterCard, as well as cash or checks. Many of the items donated to Free Geek still have some use left, and getting these items back into use is are goal.

Most systems come installed with the latest long-term support release of Xubuntu (currently 16.04).

Our Minimum Specifications
Single Core (Pentium 4- 2.0 GHz or faster, Athlon 64 3200+ or faster)
1 GB of RAM
Hard drive: 80 GB
Software installed for word processing, using the internet, listening to music, and other activities
keyboard & mouse
15″ flat screen monitor starting @ $25.00

Is Linux hard to use?

While this is a common misconception and Linux can be very easy to use, with the Adoption Program, Free Geek offers help in how to use and personalize the computer you earn. Free Geek also hopes to offer a series of in-depth classes about each program (Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation) AND a class which allows you to find out a little more about how to do what you want to do with your computer (“Super Adopter” class). Additionally, as an incentive to keep using Linux, Free Geek offers a year of free tech support for all volunteers who keep Linux on their PCs.

Warranty / Returns

Customers are advised to research items and compatibility before purchasing. What we sell has no warranty, but we will do our best to make sure it is tested to work, and if a part fails we will do our best to replace it with a similar item (based on what we have on hand and Free Geeks staff judgment) We will exchange items within 30 days of purchase if they are defective, but not simply because they are incompatible with non-Linux operating systems.

We do not offer returns for cash or refunds under any circumstances.

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