We’ve managed to clear out a lot of space in the past week. Last Saturday everyone pitched in and we sorted all the monitors in Monitor Mountain into four piles: Dells, Sonys, large monitors, and everything else. Today, we took the Dells to Staples which has a recycling program in conjunction with Dell; and we took the Sonys to Waste Management which has a recycling program with Sony. The large monitors we’ll keep to be distributed with computers via our volunteer and grant programs. All the rest are currently stacked on pallets waiting to be recycled. We will probably just have to pay to have those recycled which means it may take us some months depending on our cash flow.

All told, we got rid of more than 40 monitors totaling more than 1700 pounds today. In place of all those monitors we’ve now got testing workstations setup. We still have a lot of stuff to sort through but we’re slowly getting there.

See the “Before” and “After” pictures below. The board that Buster the Robot is standing on used to be covered with Sony monitors.