On August 1 we had our first pickup of recyclable materials at our new location. Waste Management/Recycle America sent a truck which took away seven pallets of plastic, CRTS, hard drives (all spiked!), circuit boards, and various other sorted components. We just got the report back from WM/RA and the grand total was 1976 pounds! That’s right, we shipped almost a ton of recycling, keeping a whole bunch of toxins and precious metals out of landfills.

Our last shipment had been in April, in preparation for the garage sale and the move. Considering that we didn’t do any recycling work in May because of those events, nor for a week or two after the move while we settled in, it appears we generate a ton of recycling about every twelve weeks. Plus, we recovered enough valuable materials in the process to not only pay for the truck to come pickup the materials (in the past we’ve hauled it ourselves), but even had a bit of credit left over.

Having the space for pallets and gaylord boxes has been a godsend. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to scale up our recycling as we have. We really are moving along now.

If you haven’t seen our new site, come visit us, and we’ll show you our great new recycling area, where we are making “a ton” of difference.


This week we got some gaylord boxes from Waste Management. We filled nearly four of these huge boxes with all the CRT monitors that used to make up our “Monitor Mountain”. We began filling a fifth box with all the plastic parts we have accumulated in the past several months of computer & printer teardown. Next week, WM will send a truck to pick these all up for recycling. (WM is a BAN-approvede-steward recycler.)

Ben in a box: Michael and Gary hand monitors to Ben who stacks them up in the gaylord boxes. Ben will not be recycled with the monitors.

We also took 200 pounds of wire and cables to Leder Brothers Metal Recycling. This was our first visit to Leder Bros. When we told them about Free Geek, they seemed very interested in having an on-going relationship with us, both as a place to direct people with old computers and as a resource for them to send their own computers. Leder Bros. is only about a mile away and they are open Saturday mornings, which makes it convenient for us.