Now that we have a space of our own, we have expanded our hours:
Edit (I made an edit in June, 2012 to add two more days, Thur & Fri we are open for store purchases and donation drop-offs). Oohh! We moved again too so the address in this archival photo is wrong) – Art

  • Wednesday, Noon – 5pm
  • Thursday, Noon – 5pm
  • Friday, Noon – 5pm
  • Saturday, Noon – 5pm
  • Sunday, Noon – 5pm
  • Closed Monday & Tuesday

We’re still unpacking a bit and deciding where things should go. But our teardown and recyling have resumed, and we’ll soon be ready to start up our build program again. So, if Saturdays haven’t worked for you in the past, you can now come join us on a couple of other days, and help the needy get nerdy. See you there.