Saturday we held our first class, “Introduction to Ubuntu” and it was delightful success. Volunteer Robert, who has a background in teaching, was the instructor. Six people had signed up–we kept the list short since this was our first time–and four people actually made it despite the snowfall (again). The skillset of the students ran the gamut, even in such a small group. We’re very excited about this, as educating people about how computers work and how to use computers is one of our core missions. We plan to make classes like this a regular service of FGTC. We’ll keep you posted as to when the next one will be.

In other big news–that’s big as in cubic feet: Look Ma, no boxes! Waste Management came and picked up our six huge gaylord boxes of monitors and plastic. We have space again!

It’s been cramped living with these monster boxes taking up about 25% of our floor space. But it was worth it as we finally disposed of the remains of the Monitor Mountain that had built up last summer. We wasted no time in putting the space to new use: We moved a bench into place and promptly set volunteers to work on recycling keyboards.

And the new year brought a whole bunch of new interest in Free Geek. Saturday’s tour group was one of the largest ever. It was like a parade weaving through all the activities going on at Free Geek.

Articulate Andy leads a tour group through Free Geek

We have a tour every Saturday at 2pm. Come take the tour and find out more about Free Geek. New volunteers and old computers are always welcome.