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Before you begin volunteering with Free Geek Twin Cities, we ask that you attend a brief tour/orientation – these orientations are held at 2 PM every Saturday; reservations aren’t required.

Volunteers 16 and under are welcome with adult supervision.

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  1. David K. Ching

    Are you currently looking for volunteers for the summer? I am a Management Information Systems major at Northwestern College in Saint Paul MN. I’ve upgraded my own computer (power source, hard drive, graphics card, RAM) and I have experience using terminal in Ubuntu through numerous computer security classes. Might my skill set be valuable to your organization and how should I proceed?

    Best wishes,

    David Ching

  2. Yes – volunteers are always welcome!

    As of May 9, we’re still moving into our new space, but you’re welcome to stop by Saturdays at 2 to take the tour…

  3. hello. i am interested to learn and to volunteer. i have a lot of learning to do. and i have some computers and printer to donate. i would love to help out in any way i can. i am so excited with all the good work you guys are doing. can i , can i help?



  4. Anybody of any skill level can volunteer, we offer a orientation Saturdays at 2pm, which will get you started and give you a background on US, the Mother Ship, and what you can learn.

    Once you have gone through the orientation, you can come in any time we are open and work for whatever duration you have time to help. We always have stuff to do, and even if you are not looking for technical tasks, we have projects from building our new space, to Marketing and promotion, as well as many other areas of the organization.

    All it takes is for you to show up to get started.

  5. Jorge Alvarado

    I am currently a software development student and wish to volunteer. I also have experience in building computers. I work all day on the weekends so I am not able to attend orientation. Please advise how I can volunteer.

    Jorge Alvarado

  6. Given our current hours, that would leave Wednesdays noon to 5pm to stop in and get a personalized tour. Wednesdays are busy, so we may not be able to give a tour right when you get there, so plan a little time to maybe watch what the other volunteers are doing while the staff volunteers can find the 20 to 30 minutes to give a tour. Best to show up later in the afternoon, as we often have a few folks waiting to get to either the thrift store or get started right when we open at noon.

  7. Vestarslone Vue

    Hello , my name is Vestarslone Vue. My teacher told me about you guys and im really interested on helping you guys. I was wondering if I could come in and volunteer and do what ever you guys what me to , im really good with desktops , I know how to take it apart , software installation. I was thinking if I can come in this friday , on the June 29th 2012. I really hoping that you reply to this comment and let me know if I can come in or not. I would really like to receive a decent computer for surfing the web , light gaming.

    Thank You , Sincerly

    Vestarslone Vue

  8. Vestarslone,
    Thursday and Friday are not volunteer days until we get more help.
    I am often by myself Fridays.
    I am there to sell computers.
    You can come in Friday, though, and if I have no customers, I can show you around.
    I might even have you help me get 40+ computers ready to ship to Ghana.

  9. Hi I’m vestarslone again,
    I wish if I could come on Monday the 1st of July 2012.
    Please let me know if you let me come on that day..

    Thank you

  10. ARTiFactor

    We are closed Monday and Tuesday.

  11. Todd Steck

    I have done some volunteering at Free Geek earlier in the year and am interested in doing some more. What is this about a new space? Also do you have a phone #? I have a business card with the 2310 Snelling Ave. address and the Sat, Sun, Wed hours at that time. Are they the same? And will I still find you at that address? I was also wondering how much you would charge me for a 30 watt power supply?

    thanks for your time,
    Todd Steck

  12. ARTiFactor

    We are going through lots of changes.
    After today we are open every day except Monday and Tuesday from noon til 5.
    Closed Monday and Tuesday.
    Our website listed on the business card is best for up-to-date info.
    Our new address is confusing and I recommend finding E 26 St & 26 Av S in MPLS
    This photo link should help.
    We cannot afford a phone, yet.
    We have 300 watt desktop power supplies for $5.
    I am not sure what a 30w would be for but if we find what you need it would also be about $5.
    Hope to see you soon.

  13. I have been wanting to volunteer with fgtc for awhile now. I think this saturday (if everything works out) will be the day. Anything I need to bring?

  14. ARTiFactor

    Orientation for new volunteers is at 2 pm, Sat. New volunteers often disassemble computers and printers,so wearing “work clothes” is advised.

  15. Does Free Geek TC have a list of needed (or wanted really bad) items for their infrastructure or daily operations? I’ve donated a couple of servers and some cards, but if there are specific needs (hosting, software, business class hardware) I’d be happy to see what I can scrounge up.

    Steve Tripp

  16. If these machines are also going to non-profit organizations, would you be interested in “how to’s” and instructional materials for libre/open source CRM/ERP applications and other open source business software to post on your site?

    I’ve done a fair amount of technical documentation and might be able to help with that.
    Steve Tripp

  17. lorenzo staten

    where do i come to for the orientation?

  18. ARTiFactor

    Here is our address on Mapquest
    But we use the back door off the parking lot to Memory Lanes Bowl Alley so this aerial photo should help.

    Saturdays at 2pm.

  19. Katelyn K.


    I need to volunteer for my recycling course at the U of M – Twin cities. With our project, I need volunteer 5-10 hours before the end of November. Do I have to volunteer 24 hours in order to volunteer?

    Thank You,

  20. Katelyn-

    There’s no minimum requirement on how much you can volunteer – we’re happy to have volunteers for as long as they’re able to work with us; the 24-hour requirement is only for those interested in earning a desktop computer.

    Hope that helps!
    Brian Dunnette

  21. Noel Molina

    i have been building and fixing computers for 7 years. do I have to wait till saturday to volunteer?

    Noel M.

  22. Noel Molina

    I also read on a post that you guys don’t have a phone yet.
    Would you want me to donate my magic jack adapter so you only have to pay $19.95 per year? got it as a gift and I really don’t use it.

  23. Thanks for the offer, but we’re a Linux shop – and MagicJack doesn’t run on Linux!

    As for the phone number… we’ll get there!

  24. We do prefer that all volunteers take the Saturday tour, so that they’re familiar with what we do and how we do it – however, once you’ve taken the tour, you’ll be free to jump right in, if you like!

  25. Is there an email address which Free Geek Twin Cities can be contacted through?

  26. rweaver

    I’ll pop by Saturday and catch an orientation.


  27. How long can I expect the orientation session to last?



  28. Joe, sorry for the late reply! Usually it’s just 30 min or so, depending on how technical the questions get! 🙂

    Tom Hagman
    Free Geek Twin Cities Staff