Volunteering at Free Geek

A couple weeks ago I ran into somebody whom I had worked with in the 90’s, and after we got caught up a bit he asked about Free Geek.  I gave him the short version of why we exist, how we do things, and what goes on at the site.  He asked about volunteering but since he lives in St Cloud (an hour or so northwest of our site) his opportunities to get down to volunteer are limited.

So we talked about other things that Free Geek needs Volunteers to do, and here are a couple that came up.

First was to organize a neighborhood E-waste drive, collect the Electronics, and bring them down, he thought his daughter may like to help with that and I pointed him at the donations page to help them set up a flyer.  I made sure to let them know that disposal of Tube Type CRT’s have a cost, and that we generally ask for a cash donation to cover that cost.  We also talked about how they should get a feel for the why we are trying to do this, on a simple level everybody understands that recycling is good.  But most do not understand that the mercury from a CRT can pollute a significant amount of ground water and be traced back to food grown in that soil.   So that lead to the second thing that he could do remotely.

Free Geek always needs ambassadors to help us get the word out about what we do, how and why.   We have some basic hand outs that explain this, but most of our new donations can be traced back to somebody else who has donated to us before.  Just letting people know that an alternative to throwing E-waste away can make a big impact.


While both of these items can become long term opportunities to help, they also could be done with very little effort to.  Free Geek would not exist without the volunteers who do everything within the organization, they (we) are what keeps the process moving and allows us to do what we know makes a difference.

3 Responses to “Volunteering at Free Geek”

  1. I would love to volunteer, I have linux knowledge, and a computer repair background… howeve, I can’t make it in Saturdays for orientation. Is there a way I can come in on a sunday

  2. Judy Voigt

    I would like to know more about where, when and how a person volunteers with Free Geek. My son, 16 and husband are interested in helping with the computer rebuilding and have skills in this area.

  3. Free Geek Twin Cities has a fixed volunteer orientation session Saturdays at 2pm, but if you are not able to make that you can stop in during our other volunteer hours and maybe there will be enough staff on hand to give you the 20 to 40 minute tour and orientation. But be prepared because there are times when we do not have enough volunteer staff to do this.

    Check our hours for days on which our Volunteer staff has committed to being there to help with newer volunteers.